Joe Roberts Caputo

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Get ready to delve into one of the most intriguing stories about a teen aged boy. A mix of tragedy, love, heartache and vindication.


A teenager with the deck of life seemingly stacked against him. Clumsy, homely, and he stutters. Badly. Yet, he possesses a gift that eventually shocks the world. A gift he is not even aware of. The cast of characters includes a dynamo Irish mother, a mighty oil tycoon, the prettiest cheerleader in school, a punk from Brooklyn, and a music teacher who makes the discovery of a lifetime. Heart ache, tragedy, love, vindication. With a twist.


“Joe Roberts” Caputo started writing novels when he was 75. This followed a 50-year radio career as a disc jockey, as well as hosting a golf show on the Travel Channel. When his wife of 44 years passed, he turned his hand to writing novels. He gets an idea, then fleshes it out with characters, names them, describes them and delves into characteristics of each one. There are usually several story lines in each book, so there is always something interesting going on.
He lives in a condo in Coram, NY and can be contacted at  or

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